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Today, blockchain-based domain names are widely unknown, yet they represent the long-awaited shift in centralization of the Internet's Domain Name System. We believe they must receive much wider attention than they do at this moment.

To facilitate the change, we are offering free domain names in exchange for a short description and a link published on an active blog or a social network account. We will also publish a link to you.

Depending on your technical proficiency and paranoia level, we can:

  1. Simply supply you with the amount of Namecoin namecoins or Emercoin emercoins enough to purchase a single domain name. You avoid exchanges and all the hassle of obtaining coins. You own the private key and manage the name yourself.
  2. Perform the initial registration using our coins and then transfer the name to you. This is as secure as the first option (name transfers cannot be rolled back as with traditional registrars), but is a bit more hassle for us and less for your. You won't have the coins, but you will have the private key to manage the name.
  3. Fully manage your domain name by holding onto your private key. You will have access to the name management system via our control panel, and we will send you the copy of the key once the name is registered so you can recover it autonomously. This is less secure than options above because if our service gets compromised you might lose the domain. In exchange, you don't have to operate a full node – we do it for you.

In all cases, we do not retain any info besides your blog's URL, domain name and date of the publication. We do not have logs of management activities.


On the server side, nothing special needs to be done – configure your web server as with any other traditional domain name. For example:

# Apache
ServerAlias mydomain.bit

# nginx
server_name .mydomain.bit;

On the client side, ask your visitors to install the BDNS addon (or any of the alternatives). With BDNS, they are ready to browse after a few clicks.

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We are giving one domain name in either Namecoin or Emercoin networks per one active blog or social network account (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

(name availability checker is here)

Desired TLD:

Attention: this requires you to run either Namecoin or Emercoin Core software with your own private keys. If you ever lose them – the name will be unconditionally lost. There are no authorities that can recover it for you!

Therefore it's best if you back up the keys in multiple places or let us do that (option 3).

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